Wednesday, May 20, 2015

dear Royalists,

dear Royalists,
Back at College, we weren't divided by race, religion or colour. During an assembly, prayers were recited by all four religions. There were no Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Christians and everyone was a 'Royalist'.
Milk Rice and Sweets were shared during New Year while a bowl of 'Watalappan' hardly survived in a classroom during 'Ramazan'. All were waiting for delicious 'Ulundu Wadei' from the Tamils during 'Navarathiri' while everyone attended the carol service during Christmas and sang along with the choir.
When it came to a 'Sil' Programme, all the non-Buddhists worked efficiently in preparing the 'Daane' which was later shared by everyone. On Friday afternoons we all wished we were Muslims!
In the playground, nobody thought twice before passing a ball to a Muslim or having a batting partnership with a Tamil. Everyone was united in victory while tears were shared together in defeat...
I'm so proud that my family at home and at College always reminds me what people often forget, ''Equality and Unity'' because I firmly believe that what makes you 'superior' or 'respected' is not your race or religion but your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.....
Status Credits Thilina Galappatti
together we stand | divided we fall

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